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Maplewood's RAGING FIRE "Jazmine"

Maplewood's COMING THROUGH "Tank"

Maplewood's MEDICINE OF LAUGHTER "Maddie"


Welcome to Maplewood! Here we specialize in the PDH Border Collie V4 file. We are a petz 4 & petz 5 site. We were just recently able to integrate p3/4 dogs into our kennel.This means we have more p5 dogs than p4, we plan to build on each line. When looking at our dogs, it will say whether they are for petz 4 or 5. We show our dogs at the PKC in Conformation, Premiers, Good Petz Citizen, and Obedience Trials. We also show & compete with our Border Collies outside of the PKC. We try to fully title our Border Collies in the PKC along with getting them highly titled in other aspects. You can expect quality here at Maplewood. Read more about us on the... About Us page ;) Enjoy your stay! This site looks Best in Firefox & at a high screen resolution.