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Low Breed Comp. List Updater
Job Taken by Lyssa
Job Description- Every Sunday you go to a show with the highest number of entries, make sure it's dogz and catz, or do two different shows. Click each group and copy / paste each list of dogz into word pad. Go through and take every breed off that has 5 or more entries. Then to each breed that is left, add a < l i > (with out the spaces) to the front and an < / l i > (with out spaces) to the end. When you get all of the groups done, send the list to so I can simply copy and paste the updated list to each page.

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Newsletter is on hold for now since I only have one hand to type with most of the time. (Baby usually asleep in other arm.)

Breeders-If your interested in breeding litters for Triple B, you have the option to sign up for our Newsletter. One will be sent out weekly with an updated list of breeds in need of competition.

Public- If your not a breeder, but would like to stay up to date on available litters and such, you can sign up for our Newsletter. You will get the same newsletter as the Breeders do, but it will also include current available litters and single adoptions.

I will try to send out the newsletter on Mondays, I do get busy though so it might be late sometimes.

To Sign Up- Just fill out the form below and send to

Subject the email- "Triple B - Newsletter"

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If your looking for something specific, request it in the C-box below! Hopefully somebody will be nice and either breed or hex something for you!