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Sam's Links

Here I will be posting Sam's Friend's links. So any pet he befriends, I will link to that pet's, owner's site. So if you'd like your link up here, schedule a play date with Sam! Contact me at to set one up.

I will post pictures of his friends, to go to their owner's site click on the pictures. Below the pic I will have a link to their play date (where all pics and info will be posted), along with the name of the site and owner of the site.. If you have more than one site, you can either send two different petz, or send a pet back for another play date.

Playdate with Delilah
Axtraxia is a site made by Artemis

Playdate with Riley
Darling is a site made by Destiny

Playdate with Kuu : Playdate with Doodle
Royalty Shetland Sheepdogs is a site made by VanillaIcePetz

Playdate with Tanuki
Aileron is a site made by Dragon