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About Sam

Ch JrCh Maplewood's Back When

Sam is purely, naturally raised. He participates at Duke's Group, and will be seen around a lot. Sam is always looking for petz to come and play! Contact me to set up a play date. Sam chooses who he breeds with, so if your wanting to breed a dog with Sam, you'll have to send her over and see if they get along. I won't use Petza to breed him.

Sam gets his own website because he's the only dog I'm focusing on right now. Yes I have other petz, but this site is all about Sam! This means, only puppies he sires will be placed on the Puppies page, and if you want your link on the links page, it'll be up to Sam too.

Sam is such a delight to have around! A Happy, go-lucky, energetic pup who is easy to train and willing to please. He's rather aloof with other petz, usually he would rather play with a toy than with another pet. Though he does have some good friends and is always looking for others to befriend! He even likes some cats.

Sam Loves to play! He's happy with any toy as long as he has a toy. When Sam does nap, he's usually found with a toy still in his mouth. He loves to be brushed and doesn't care much for sleeping. Sam has a huge appetite and always seems to be hungry and/or eating. Even with eating a lot during the day, plus treats during training, Sam is energetic enough to keep the weight off.

I love spending time with Sam, and I hope to have him around for many years. Sam is still a pup at the moment, so I still have a lot to learn about him. He's already started his showing and competing career by entering many pose shows and trialing at the Petz Sports Club.


So why did I decide to adopt a liver colored, springer spaniel, named Sam?

Well, years ago I adopted this Springer Spaniel who was also liver colored and also named Sam. I had him before Duke. He was an amazing dog. We had a routine and he knew it. I don't quite remember what it was, but I remember the last part was coming into the family room and taking a nap. At first I had to show him he could sleep on the pillow. Then he got to where we'd come in the family room and he'd go to his pillow, jump on it and fall asleep <3. I think that was my favorite part of the old Sam.

Sam lived with me for a while, then I'm not sure what happened. Computer died or something and I lost him. Sam was of a different breed file, I wanted the same one but couldn't find it anywhere.

This breed file works though because it's PKC registerable and I do plan to show this Sam there :)


I hope to possibly do stories or comics with Sam, possibly start a new toy line of Sam's stuff. All toyz I make for him will be put up for download here. Most of his stuff will be put up at Duke's Group.

I will be competing with Sam all over the place, Duke's Group, RKC, Legend Ink, Petz Sports Club, & at PKC to name a few. I want to get as many titles as I can on this boy.

So yes, Sam is my special dog who I plan to focus a lot on and have around for quite a while. Though he'll be shown at PKC and such, I'm going to let him breed with who ever he chooses.

*Tricks & Obedience*