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Update 1/3/09 ; Got my catz added to the Our petz page. I also need suggestions! Any toyz you'd like to see made? I'm looking for ideas on what toyz to make to put up for download. If you have any ideas, please post um below! Thanks

Update 1/4/09 ; New Toyz up for download! Anyone for Agility? A-Frame and Tire jump coming soon, I accidently hexed them off the wrong toy. Tunnel also coming soon, just gotta fix something real quick. Get the downloads while you can! Might not always be up for download due to not enough room on my site for a ton of downloads at once. Unless I upgrade (which means pay) and I'm already paying for 1 site, I'd rather not pay for another.

Update 1/5/09 ; Roo, Gracie, & Sienna all adopted! Only 2 more pups left, anyone interested? Update 2: Again same day: New toy up for download! Go get your very own Blue Poka Dot Dog Bed! Also Great News! I *think* I've figured out a way to have more downloads by hosting them on my other website, yet still having them on this website. So... Many more toys to come! Don't forget, feel free to suggest some for me to make!

Update 1/5/09 - 1/6/09 (haha, late at night (almost 2 am here) ) New pics of the left over pups on the adoption page! Go check them out (even if you don't plan to adopt, cause I like the pics!)

Update 1/6/09 - Wooo! All pups have been adopted! New page up named Adopted, so people can view past litters and adoptions. Keep checking back for any new litters. Of course it depends on my petz if they feel like breeding or not. Obiate is actually diing to breed with Obelisk, I've temporarily neautered him so they don't breed yet since we just had a lab litter. Would anybody be interested in another lab litter? It would be Yellow X Black , but high generation so could have mutations. Update 2: Flying Quail has been converted to p4 & p5! Since I don't have p5, I am unable to check and be sure they work, so let me know if anyone has a problem! I'll be converting the rest of the toyz tonight and tomorrow.

Update 1/7/09 ; All toyz have now been converted to p4 & p5! Go take a look! Sorry most of them squeak like the squeaky doll. I don't use sounds so it doesn't bother me, but I don't know how to take out the sound. Update 2: Tunnel is now up for dowload! All 3 versions can be found on the Download page for p4 & p5. Which is where all new downloads will now be located! Update 3: New Litter has been posted! Go check it out now! Update 4: Fixed the downloads page! Now all downloads for all 3 petz versions can be found on 1 page! Update 5: New Download! Blue Cat food Bowl & Box of cat food in one. Currently only for p4 users, I need the Red Cat Food Bowl for p3 & p5 in order to convert.

Update 1/8/09 ; Updated the home page, new Drop down menu for the links instead of the buttons I didn't really like :D Update 2: Blue Cat Food Bowl is now available for petz 5! Go download today! Update 3: Yay for Petz clothes! 3 new Bows up for Download! Update 4: A Whole Outfit now up for download! Nice Tiger style out fit for a Tiger layout ;D I need the pink bow, Black sweater, & pink socks for p5 if you guys would like me to convert the clothes to p5. Update 5: We now have a Chat box! Will be putting updates and such there, would also love to hear comments and such there as well!

Update 1/9/09 ; Yay! I got all the clothes converted to p4, still need someone to send me the pink bow, pink socks, and black sweater so I can convert them to p5. Also got 2 new downloads up! The A-Frame and the Tire Jump. Available for all game versions! Still working on more things, so expect more updates through out tonight! Update 2: Puppies are getting bigger and developing even more personality! All have been evaluated and have new special pics up! Go check them out, even if you don't want to or plan to adopt! They deserve to at least be looked at ;).

Update 1/10/09 ; 2 new Downloads up! Go check um out! Don't forget to look at the pups we have up for adoption, we have new pics of them up!

Update 1/11/09 ; All clothes have been converted to p5! We are also expecting a litter of kittens, so a litter shall be up soon On a side note I have to work tomorrow, so I don't know if I'll be able to update anything or not.

Update 1/13/09 ; Pudding had her kittens, and they have now been posted up for adoption! Go check um out! I am currently working on the Our Petz page (nothing's changed yet), but I'm getting all my new petz info, getting pics, making their own pages...etc... It's a time consuming ordeal. Won't be done by tonight and I have to work again tomorrow, but then I'm off till Monday! So I should have plenty of time for lots more updates!

What's going on?: Not quite an update, but lots of new things are going on!!! We have 4-5 new pages going in, working on them this week. Will also hopefully be working on some new toyz or clothes . In the mean time... perhaps somebody could adopt! We have 4 pups, and 3 kittens in need of homes. They don't stay little forever! Don't forget to leave a message in the Cbox! I'd love to know who visits and such.

Update 1/15/09 ; Lots new here today guys! We have 3 new pages! 1-2 more to come! You are now also able to click on petz in the Our Petz page and it will take you to their very own page where you can learn more about them! I'll be home again tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get even more done for another update! Hurry go check it out!

Update: 1/16/2009 ~ New pictures of the kittens have been posted! Lab litter has been moved to the still needing homes page, 3 have now been adopted, Bailey is the last one left. You can find her up at the Non-Freebies board here at the RKC. More new links have been posted, if you want me to add yours just let me know! I'm also now listed at the Top 100 Petz site and would love for you to go and vote for me! Thanks EDIT: All Labs have been adopted! All my Petz have now been posted on the Our Petz page, and New Download coming soon!