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Looks like you've found our Litters page! Just like any other PKC website, we only like to breed our petz once our petz have champed. That means we won't always have litters available. Once we have a pair that has champed, we will put up a planned breeding and begin taking reservations for that litter. If your interested in a pup, your best bet is to reserve a pup, I won't always breed extra's to put up.


  • Must be shown in the PKC!
  • Must keep my prefix DJK's , you may NOT add your own. If it is a joint breeding, you must keep both my prefix and the other prefix who owns the Dame/Sire.
  • If you know longer want the pet or can no longer show the pet, please send back to me. If you need help showing the pet, contact me and I'd be more than happy to help!
  • You may only adopt 1 pup per litter

If I find people not showing the pets I adopt out, I will begin adopting out only on a co-ownership. As I want to as many of our offspring reach their championship as possible! If I find you not entering the pet in shows, I will ask for the pet back. Even if it's just to simply finish the pup and let you have it back, or perhaps do a breeding once the pup has finished as well before sending the pup back to you.


  • Your Name / Username at PKC:
  • Your Email:
  • Pup you want:
  • Why / Plans for pup:

::Current Litters::

Currently None!

::Planned Breedings::

None yet, comming soon though!

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