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General Info

About Moya

Moya is a simple, chocolate, female Dachshund straight out of the Adoption Center in the game. I adopted Moya to be my only pet in petz 5. That didn't last long when I adopted a cat friend for her who ended up not being a friend at all. Turns out, Moya hates cats! After 2 months of watching the two of them hating each other, I felt it was time to find Moya a mate she can be out with and get time away from our cats 'Brando' & 'Mo-Mo'.

Finding her a mate ment she was going to have puppies. I don't plan to let them have puppies ALL the time, but there will be litters every now and then. I wanted a place to put the pups up for adoption other than a petz forum. That's when I got the idea for this site 'Moya's Puppies'.

About The Site

Moya's Puppies is all about our Dachie Moya, and all of her puppies. We don't 'plan' to keep any of the puppies, so we needed a place to adopt them out at. I felt a website was a great idea. It was supposed to be a simple one page site, but I love making websites too much and that quickly changed.

We hope to offer other fun things here at Moya's Puppies, such as Dachshund shows, possibly a Dachie rescue, and some other activities for Dachie lovers to do.

More will probably be added as time goes on. Though it will always be called Moya's puppies, there's a chance (especially if we end up keeping any puppies) that Dachie pups other than Moya's could be offered.