Meezerville is all about the Siamese Cat! Specifically the original PF Magic Siamese breed file. Not only do we show our cats in conformation, but they are also well cared for, played with daily, groomed, loved, socialized, and trained. We also show them in Good Petz Citizen, and Aptitude Trials. If we ever get a Premier for them, they will be entered in them as well.

Our focus here is to have fully titled cats and produce top quality kittens. I have found it can actually be difficult to breed A-registerable kittens, but we try our best. Even our P-reg kittens are expected to go to showing homes that will show them in Companion, Good Petz Citizen, and Aptitude trials.

Kittens bred here are bred 100% naturally with out the use of Petza. This means they are also born naturally and raised up from kittens and found homes that go with the kitten's personality.

Our cats are bred once they at least have their Ch title, but sometimes we wait until they've achieved all of their titles before breeding to be sure we have top quality bred kittens. Of course, since our cats are raised naturally, sometimes they have other plans and an 'oops' litter happens every now and then. We try to prevent that though.

All of our Siamese cats are shown under the Meezerville prefix, unless adopted from another Cattery then we of course use their prefix instead.

Thanks for reading about us! We hope you are satisfied with our Cattery and might take a kitten home with you when litters are available.

You can contact us at

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