Maplewood is all about the Border Collie! Not only do we show our dogs in conformation, but they are also well cared for, played with daily, groomed, loved, socialized, and trained. We also show them in Good Petz Citizen, Obedience Trials, & Premiers. Outside of the PKC they are competing in Agility, Flyball, Frisbee, Herding and much more! Some even take on extra jobs such as Search & Rescue work. We are also now a member of the SHIR Polish Forum and compete with our Border Collies there as well.

Our focus here is to have fully titled dogs and produce top quality puppies. Though at times it can be difficult to get A-reg pups, we try our best. Even our P-reg puppies are expected to go to showing homes that will show them in Companion, Good Petz Citizen, & Obedience trials in the PKC. We also like to see our pups further their potential by showing outside of the PKC in competitions such as those listed above.

Puppies bred here are bred 100% naturally with out the use of Petza. This means they are also born naturally and raised up from puppies and found homes that go with the puppy's personality. Though, every now and then we might do an outside breeding, and if things don't go well naturally we might have to 'inseminate' the female with the help of Petza (lol). Even then, pups will still be raised naturally.

We will not be breeding 100+ puppies just to get A-reg pups. We will accept what we get with each breeding. We are trying something new with our border collies in which we've never done before with PKC petz. This means, even P-reg petz will be used in our lines. As long as they can prove themselves in all aspects they are still equally accepted in our breeding program.

Our dogs are bred once they have proven themselves in numerous rings having at least two or more titles. Ideally we like our dogs to have their Ch. Title or their ACP titles, but if they have numerous titles in other aspects we are not against breeding them before reaching their Ch. or ACP titles especially if they are a Champion or higher outside the PKC in regular pose shows.

I know a lot of people showing in the PKC would probably be against breeding before Ch. status is reached, but again I am trying something new that I think will be more fun & challenging. Of course we are still going to be striving for A-reg pets and raising Champions.

Since our dogs are raised naturally, sometimes they have other plans and an 'oops' litter happens every now and then. We try our best to prevent that though by keeping males separate from the females.

All of our Border Collies are shown under the Maplewood prefix, unless adopted from another Kennel then we of course use their prefix instead.

Thanks for reading about us! We hope you are satisfied with our Kennel and might take a puppy home with you when litters are available.

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