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Nick Growing Up

Info, Pageants, & Awards

Glad you decided to drop by Nick's page! He is my first Babyz, and he is the one who came with the game. Here you can view pictures I've taken, along with notes I've taken on that day. You'll be able to see him grow up. Once he's grown, I'll still keep updating this page with anything new that happens such as; Traveling, adventures, sickness, and anything else I can think of that would be worth updating his page! Don't forget to check out his Pageants & Awards page too to view more pictures, see what pageants he's entered, and view his awards!

March 5th 2010 : Age 3 on Brainslider

Nick is a Very smiley baby! He is usually always happy and can find ways to amuse himself. I haven't heard him cry yet! Though he has began to get a little fussy, but it's usually when he is in need of a change. Once he's changed, he's all smiles again

Nick Loves a lot of things, His Rattle, the drum, the piano, and Taking a bath!

Here he is in the family room. He also LOVES listening to music and dancing. He gets a little fussy if I don't turn the music on for him. He enjoys being held and getting to sit on the couch.

Here he is eating an animal cookie and drinking some milk. So far he hasn't been to fussy about eating. Though yesterday he liked the crackers and not too much of the animal cookies and today he won't eat the crackers but likes the animals lol.

Nick Loves going down the slide (as long as I catch him at the end lol), reading books, and he even enjoys his crib. I feel I've lucked out with this boy and love him already.

It didn't take him long at all to learn to play the piano and the drum or to pick up his rattle. He hasn't started building with the blocks yet, but I'm sure he'll catch on soon.

Haha! He just learned how to build with the blocks :). So far he's gotten up to 3 high.

And just because I think it's cute, here's a pic of him sleeping:

March 7th 2010 : Age 6 on Brainslider

He is crawling much faster and better now. seems to be getting some lift off of belly crawling. He's starting to say more words such as Ba for Rattle and Bok for Blocks. He still says ma often and sometimes mom. He is getting a little more picky about things and getting more of an attitude, but still a sweet baby. He's always making me smile.

March 9th 2010 : Age 9 on Brainslider

He is now saying Mama pretty much every time I pick him up. I'm pretty sure he also said Ball today when I showed him the ball! My little boy is learning so much! He is going to be so spoiled by the time he gets a little sister... he's not going to know what to do when not all the attention is devoted on him lol. It will be a while before that happens, I'm thinking at least till he learns to walk. Who knows though.

I am also sort of trying to wean him off the bottle. So far it's not going too great. He loves his bottle lol. I've been trying the Jars of baby food, today I got him to eat one bite of the 3 main kinds, but he wasn't happy about it at all. I am also having him drink some juice from a sippy cup, then the rest out of the bottle. I'm not really sure at what age they start eating more of the other foods, I'm sure it all depends on the baby.

March 14th 2010 : Age 12 on Brainslider

He has made some major progress! He ate a full jar of peas today for the first time! Before I could barely get him to try any of the jar foods. He likes them better warmed up. His favorite word at the moment seems to be ball. Anything round he says ball lol.

He also now has a word for the rattle which is Ta.

While sitting him in front of the books today he proved he is learning today! I wasn't sure he'd be able to with out the microphone, thought he needed to hear me reading to him, but he's learning! With the ABC book he was trying to sound out A and B, And when he seen the Baby on the B page he tried saying Baby! He did it very good too. So proud of my boy! He also learned how to clap today. He gets so excited by the books and sometimes starts clapping. So cute :D I Love seeing what new things he is learning!

March 30th 2010 : Age 21 on Brainslider

Sorry for lack of updates, have been busy with real life. Finally had time to play with Nick again today. His word of today is GaGa, he keeps saying it over and over lol. He is now eating the jars of baby food with out the need of any of the bottle. He will eat all three, the peas, carrots, and bananas. The carrots tend to make him sick though. I feed the bananas as a desert type thing. He also now drinks from a sippy cup! Not much of anything else that is new really. Hasn't been saying any new words really and is still crawling.

Here he is building with his blocks. This is the highest he's gotten yet! 6 blocks high!

He was not happy when he couldn't reach to put another on top and they all fell down lol.

March 31st 2010 : Age 27 on Brainslider

He has learned that he can now expand on the blocks, once they get too high for him he's figured out how to start another row! The blocks kept falling off the second row though, so he made a 3rd row. Very smart boy!

His new words are: Pano for Piano, and right after he says Pano, he says Keba. Not sure what Keba is, all I can think of is Keyboard? Not sure though. He's also saying: Keeto while eating, have no idea what it means, and Googoo and Gagoo which I believe is just baby talk with him trying to figure out how to say different words. He's certainly trying though!

Nick is crawling very fast now and I am looking forward to that day that he tries to stand! He also lets me know when he needs changed by saying: Peepee, Poopoo, and Doodoo. lol. He's such a cutie and it's so fun watching him grow up and learning new things every day. It's amazing he already knows so much at age 27! I can't imagine everything he might know by the time he has reached 100 on the brainslider.

April 1st 2010 : Age 33 on Brainslider

I went shopping yesterday and picked out some new clothes for my little boy. Here is one outfit I think is adorable on him! I also got him some new toys, he really likes his new blue Balloon! Great news! He tried standing today! The first time he fell, the second time I was in time to help him by holding his hand. I love that surprised look on his face when he is standing! He was only able to stand for a moment and it's the only time he tried today. I am Soooo So proud of him! What a great surprise for April fools day lol.

Here are some cute pics of him, the first two I was tickling him :P. The 3rd he is showing off his new hat. And then him sleeping in his new jammies :). He's too cute not to take so many pics of!

Also news, Nick might be getting a new little sister! I have applied for a Grower Baby for easter by Gry. I have my fingers crossed we'll get her! I Downloaded a lot of baby girl clothes and can't wait to try them out! If we end up not getting one for some reason though, I'll still be on the look out for a Baby girl to be Nick's little sister.

Yay! Nick now stood up all by himself and was able to stay standing. He wanted me to hold his hand, so I did and he took his first steps! Here is a pic of it:

Later Same Day: Nick got a little sister! Not the same one I talked about above though, so he might even end up with 2 little sisters. Go to Keera's page to read about her.

April 2nd 2010 : Age 39 on Brainslider

Took Nick out to play today, nothing new really. No new words or anything. He had fun at the park swinging on the swing and riding on the train! Nick's favorite food (All he will eat) is the jar of peas. He is also now learning how to feed himself. I set a jar on his high chair and he either throws the food or eats it. Mostly throwing it lol. It keeps him entertained though while I feed Keera. I'm going to start giving him the jars of Carrots and Bananas to eat himself and feed him the peas as this is the only way I can get him to eat those at the moment.

Later on, when I put Keera down for a nap I brought Nick back into the Playroom to work on his words for his toys. I put all the toys away and would bring one out at a time. If he was being stubborn about using the name for it, I'd take it out of his hand. It was pretty much guaranteed he'd say the name once I took it. Unfortunately it would also make him cry :( but he got over it as soon as he got it back. So a quick picture:

Today I found out he knows a lot more words than he lets me on to believe! Here is his list:

  • Baby for the dolls
  • Bana for Banana
  • Teddy for Teddy bear!
  • Da for Dog
  • Key for Kitty
  • Bocka for Block
  • Ball for sure! - Wasn't sure he was saying it before, but now I do!
  • Tattle for Rattle

    That's a long list of new words! I really wish I had a microphone as I think he'd learn them a lot faster. I think I'll look into getting one.

    April 3rd 2010 : Age 45 on Brainslider

    Nick is getting so big! They grow up so fast! Though Keera and him mostly played together today, I was still able to get him some alone time when I put Keera down for her nap.

    We played in the playroom for a little bit with his new toys. Then we went out to the backyard where he had fun sliding down the slide, throwing the ball around, and building a sand castle. This all got him tired, so we went inside and I let him relax on the couch for a bit.

    Today Nick decided he no longer likes Peas very much *rolls eyes* lol they were his favorite and all he would eat! His new favorite are the strained peas. I also got him to eat a lot of the Bananas which he didn't like much before today.

    I'm so proud of Nick! He placed 1st place in Mkay's Hop Hop Easter Pageant! It is his first, 1st place and hopefully not his last!

    Today we did an Easter photoshoot of Nick and Keera, here is Nick's!

    We had a lot of fun!!! Nick can't wait to look for his Easter eggs!

    April 4th 2010 (Happy Easter!) : Age 49 on Brainslider

    Morning: Lets see, I didn't have a Whole lot of time this morning so everything was a little quicker than usual. I took Nick out the the backyard where he played for a little bit. (^Pictures^) Great news is he is eating more food! He ate 3 jars of food this morning with out a fuss, and only took it out of his mouth to throw it a couple times. He ate Bananas, Strained Pears, and Apple Sauce! I even got him to eat carrots with out telling me no!