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Keera Growing Up

Info, Pageants, & Awardz

Welcome to Keera's page! Keera is my 2nd baby. Read all about her below, and don't forget to check out her Pageants and Awards page to see more pics and info about her!

April 1st 2010 (Happy April Fools!) : Age 0 on Brainslider

With downloading so many little Girl's Clothes lately, I got really anxious and went out and got a little girl. She isn't the one I talked about before, still waiting to hear from Gry if I am going to get my little grower or not. This little girl is a Download off of Cotton Candy's website. I seen her a while back and didn't get her, but I kept thinking about her so went back to get her today.

I'm not 100% sure I am going to keep her or not since she is a download rather than a unique adoption, and sometimes she messes with my game. She also has yellow outlines around her hair that I don't like and such. She is So cute though! And has the cutest laugh! With out further ado, here are some pics of just her:

I sent Nick over to Grandma's house while I got to know Keera a bit. Yes I named her Keera, and she is at age 0, a Belly Crawler :D. I dressed her in this outfit, I think it is Very cute on her! Like Nick, she is very quick to play the Piano and the Drum. She loves being tickled and so far has been a pretty happy baby. At this point in time, she drinks from the bottle as she is too young for any of the other foods.

April 2nd 2010 : Age 3 on Brainslider

Here's Keera all dressed up in her pretty purple & pink outfit. I love dressing her up! Just took her out to play today too and got a lot of cute pictures. Put her on the swing and she enjoyed that. She is a lot quieter than Nick was at her age. She isn't saying much of anything yet. She doesn't seem to like the animal cookies, as she completely ignores them. Doesn't tell me No or anything.

Later on, Once I put Nick down for his nap, I took her out alone into the playroom and also worked with her and the toys. I found it's hard to know who is saying what when they are both out together. Here is her list of words I'm pretty sure she is saying:

  • Ball
  • Oval
  • Ma ?
  • Pee & Poo ?

    The ones with question marks are the ones I'm not sure if it was her or Nick saying them as they were saying them when they were out together. I'm rather surprised she is saying Oval as I've barely red that book to her and she hasn't heard me or Nick say it at all before. So I'm really not sure where she got that one.

    Keera is coming out of her shell though and becoming more social and talkative. I've also learned she wants her cookies fed to her, she doesn't want to pick them up and eat them herself yet lol. Silly girl.

    April 3rd 2010 : Age 6 on Brainslider

    Lets see, I mostly let Nick and Keera play together today, but I did manage to get some alone time with her while Nick took a nap. We went out and played in the backyard. She had a lot of fun sliding down the slide! She also noticed the flowers today and went to look at it. Looked like she was smelling it lol. Very cute!

    Once done in the backyard, we went inside and I turned on the music. She decided to dance. After dancing, she got tired and wanted to rest on the couch.

    Keera is now crawling more than belly crawling and can pretty much keep up with Nick now! She kept saying Boo today, not sure what she is trying to say or what it means though. She is also saying Ma a lot clearer now, and Pee. She is also now saying Ta for Rattle!

    I have begun the process of weaning Keera off the bottle. She is trying the baby food in the jars now. I've gotten her to eat the Carrots, Bananas, and some Strained Pears. She doesn't seem to like the peas. She hasn't eaten a whole jar yet, after a few bites she is done and wants her bottle. I will do the same with her as I did with Nick by having her eat more and more baby food till she doesn't need the bottle any more. Then she will be moved to the sippy cup.

    I can't believe how big she is already getting! They grow up so fast. Today we also did a Photoshoot! Here is the one we did of Keera:

    So cute! Keera is very excited about Easter and can't wait to find her eggs!

    April 4th 2010 (Happy Easter!) : Age 9 on Brainslider

    Morning: I didn' have a whole lot of time this morning to do individual playtime, but I still made time to take Keera out to the backyard and let her play with her Baby and Kitty. (^Pictures^). Keera ate Very well today! I don't know what made her and Nick so well behaved with eating, but they did really good! She helped Nick eat a jar of Bananas, a jar of Strained Pears, and a jar of applesauce! She didn't even need a bottle today!