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My Babies Together

Here is where I'll post pictures and stories of my babies playing together. Enjoy! Sorry if it gets confusing.

April 1st 2010 : Nick Age 33 , Keera Age 0

Nick & Keera Meet Day 1:

Once getting to know Keera for a little bit, I brought Nick home from Grandma's house and took the two to the park to get Acquainted.

They hit it off right away and for the time being, seem to get along very well! They were quite interested in each other and Keera was very intrigued when she seen Nick stand up lol.

I let them play for a bit, then as it got later I went and dressed them in their Jammies to get ready for bed. After they were dressed, I took them to play a little longer, then read them a book and put them to bed.

Nick wanted to wear his Batman Jammies and I dressed Keera in a cute Pink Unsie with a Cow on it.

They were very sleepy and fell asleep right away :). So cute! I'm pretty sure I am going to keep Keera, just depends on if she keeps messing up the game or not. I'd really like to remove the yellow outlines on her hair too though, but not sure if I'm allowed to since she is a Download / hex from Cotton Candy. If I am allowed to, I don't know how to any ways lol.

I completely forgot how much harder it gets with more than one baby lol. Totally worth it though!

April 2nd 2010 : Nick Age 39 , Keera Age 3

Nick & Keera Play Day 2:

Between eating and sleeping, we didn't get to do a whole lot! I took them to the park and let them play for a bit. Then I changed them into their swim suits and went down to the beach. Both were tired and hungry by that time, so they didn't get much time at all there. I had to bring them back, change them into their jammies and let them nap. After that, we just kinda hung around the house in the comfy PJ's and did some learning exercises such as learning new words.

They love to sit and face each other and do baby talk, wave at each other, dance together, and clap for each other when the other is playing the piano or the drum. It is very cute watching them! Nick has found he LOVES throwing food at his sister. Luckily I keep her pretty entertained and she hardly notices it. If she does, I just have to tickle her or pick her up and she instantly forgets. Though today she got him back, I had to laugh. When I had them outside, I handed her a Ball (It's like the first time she's grabbed it out of my hand), and with out hesitating, she threw it and hit Nick, knocking him down. LOL I figured it served him right.

April 3rd 2010 : Nick Age 45 , Keera Age 6

Nick & Keera Day 3:

Today I got Nick and Keera out of bed and took them into get a bath and change their clothes. Today they had an Easter Pageant to attend, so I picked out fitting clothes :). Once they were dressed, I took them into eat. I let Nick stay occupied with the Bananas while I tried to get Keera to try some baby food so she can be weaned off the bottle. I did get her to try a few bites.

We then went out to the back yard where they were being way Too cute!

These two are pretty much inseparable now! They love each other. They had a blast following each other around and getting into stuff together. Nick is happy Keera can keep up with him now that she isn't a belly crawler anymore.

After playing outside, we went inside so they could play with their toys in the playroom.

They kept very occupied building with the blocks! They kept trying to help each other, but the blocks kept falling over.

Once they were done playing with the blocks, it was nap time and one on one time with both of them. During our one on one times, we did an Easter photoshoot! Read and see more on Nick & Keera's pages!

For Easter they also got new Tricycles! They love them!

Later on: Keera and Nick have been so excited about easter and finding their eggs, I decided to let them do it tonight instead of tomorrow. (I'll be gone most of tomorrow any ways). So I put them in their crib so they couldn't see where I hid them, hid the eggs, then went and got them. We started in the attic:

Keera and Nick both found an egg each. They were quick to find both eggs here, so we moved on to the playroom.

Though they found both eggs here, it was hard getting them to find them as there was a butterfly at the window that they were very interested in. Nick even started saying Butta for Butterfly! When the butterfly wouldn't come in, both started crying, so I had to hurry them off to the family room in hopes of taking their mind off of it. Nick & Keera each found an egg here.

It didn't take long for them to forget about the butterfly and get back to finding eggs. Nick found the first egg, Keera soon found the second!

Next was the backyard. Both easily found an egg here too. Since it is their first easter and both are so young, I kept it pretty easy for them.

We came in from the backyard and I let them search the kitchen. Nick found the first egg by the fridge. Keera found the second under the high chair.

After the kitchen, we went to the Clothes Closet. Nick found all 3 eggs there. Keera was too occupied with the bath bubbles to look lol.

In all, both had fun and can't wait to do it again. Nick found the most eggs, but he is a little older. Next year might not be the same! lol

Later: Time for Bed! Went in and got the babyz changed into their Jammies. Nick wanted his new favorite 101 Dalmatian PJ's, while Keera wanted her new Easter PJ's. As I was changing them, Nick was getting fussy because he was hungry. He even asked for Banana's by name (Bana) while I was trying to change Keera! This was quite helpful as I knew just what to feed him when we got to the kitchen.

I took them into the Kitchen to feed them their dinner. Got out the Bananas and Nick ate the whole jar! Well... Keera had a bite or two lol. I'm very happy he's decided he likes them, especially enough to have a name for them! He was still hungry, so I got out some Applesauce to see if he'd like those too and he did! He ate the whole jar of those as well. I gave Keera her Baba to drink, and I got Nick his sippy cup. Both filled up.

I then took them into the family room to listen to some calming music. Tonight we listened to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... it started putting them to sleep lol.

After listing to some music, I took them into the playroom to play with their stuffed animals and blocks. While Nick decided to stand up, Keera grabbed her baby doll and threw it at him to knock Nick down. lol she has great aim!

Since the two were getting more tired, I took them into their room to read them some bed time books. We read the ABC Book, then they picked out 101 Dalmatians. It's their new favorite! They get so excited when I read it to them. They were now looking really tired, so I rocked them both to sleep, one by one and laid them down for the night.

Sweet Dreams! See you in the morning my little Angels.

April 4th 2010 (Happy Easter!) : Nick Age 49 , Keera Age 9, Tabby Age 0

Nick & Keera Meet Tabby:

Yes, we have a new baby! Her name is Tabby, find out more about her on her own page! Here are their pictures of meeting each other. I first got Nick, then Keera, then all three of them together.

Nick was very giggly with her. He is such a ladies man! He loves his sisters. As you can see, they got along wonderfully!

Keera is thrilled to have a little sister! She's happy not to be the only girl and they stick pretty close to each other. So cute!!!

And their first night together:

They are all so Great together! I am Very happy right now as you can tell lol. I can't wait to play with them more!

If you like Tabby, check out Samia's site @ Nautical as she has plenty more adoptions up that are also Very cute!

Later Morning: Since I did all the above at 1:30 am in the morning, this all is after I went to bed and woke up.

We started off in the kitchen and they shared a bowl of yummy Strawberries. Then we went out to the backyard and I let them play around for a bit.

They were so cute, they kept grouping together and waving and talking to each other.

Once they were done playing in the backyard, we all came in to the playroom where I sat out some instruments and blocks for them to play with. Nick took on the Piano, while Keera took on the Drum and Tabby watched and clapped. Nick was doing such a good job on the Piano, Keera decided she needed to clap for him too!

Once they were done playing music, I got out some stuffed animals for them to enjoy and they had fun following each other around.

Since I have an Easter party to go to today and will be gone for most the day, the kids will spend their day at a local Day Care.

Evening: Got back home from Easter party, stopped and picked my babyz up from the Daycare. They were very happy to see me! Once we got home, I took them out to the backyard and spent some time with them there. Took turns sliding down the slide and throwing the ball around. They were quite hungry, so I took them and fed them their dinner. Nick was being very picky and wanted to eat Big boy food not baby food lol. It's hard to keep up with this kid! He ate Mashed potatoes, blueberries, and something else I can't remember the name of lol.

Keera & Tabby were very easy to feed as they were happy with just about anything. Once they were fed, I took them in and gave them all a bath and put them in their Jammies.

Once in their Jammies, I took them to the playroom to play for a little bit longer. Once they all looked like they were getting tired, I took them into the playroom and read them some books. I did ABC's, Toys, and Bambi. They then let me know they were ready for bed by reaching up to tell me night night. They had very sleepy eyes, I put them in the crib and right to sleep they went. They had a very busy day!

Here are some pics. 1st is at Daycare, 2nd is at home in the backyard:

I have to work tomorrow, so they will spend the day at Daycare. I don't know if I'll be able to give an update tomorrow or not. It all depends.