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Riverside Kennels was established in January of 2009! We had a computer crash losing all of our petz, and had to start all over which brought the begining of Riverside Kennels! Formally known as DJK's Kennels (which had numurous un-well-known sites) haha.

We now take on the prefix of RSK's rather than DJK's. I'm always trying to keep a small kennel, but it hardley ever seems to work out that way haha. I am getting better at it though.

Any ways... Back to Riverside Kennels. Here we raise petz naturally, with out using petza. The only time we use petza is to check how our petz are doing, to temporarily neuter or spay and un-neuter or un-spay our petz (other wise we'd always be having pups and kittens!), to make sick petz better (since we use petz 3 and it doesn't have medicine to make um better), and to occassionally 'artificially inseminate' our females. (When we do a breeding with out waiting for petz to fall in love, or if that pet already has a mate and we want to keep it that way but would like to try out another pairing, we'd do this option).

Our pups grow up naturally, and get lots of play time and socializing. Each dog is evaluated and trained in numerous activities for competition. We compete with our dogs at the Sporting Dogz Club (link on links page).

Breedings also happen naturally, as petz fall in love with one another. If we aren't ready for a litter yet, then we temporarily neuter or spay until we are.

Here we also have a game time we go by (Though we don't always use it). Where our petz have a birthday once a month. Meaning if they were born on lets say January 10th, then they'd have a birthday on the 10th of each month. Our petz retire around the age of 8-12 depending on their breed. Retire as in get to enjoy life now just lounging around the house.

Most of our litters we have go up on the Adopt page. You get to see them from the time they are born till they are adopted. I post lots of pics of them growing up. at 8 - 9 weeks old (age 12-16 on the brainslider) we evaluate each pup and post individual info on each of them.

If pups aren't adopted by the time they are young adults, they are transferred to the Still needing homes page. Once they are there, you can no longer adopt them off this site, they are now up for adoption at the RKC in the non-freebies board. While waiting to be adopted, they are being trained, socialized, and played with daily. If I have time and space, they are also entered in competitions.

I love all breeds of dogs, though right now I'm trying to focus on a very small number of petz to devote my attention towards and participate in Duke's Group with.

Yes, we also have catz. Our catz grow up in petz 4, they are mostly just house catz that have the run of the house. Occasionally we might show them or enter them in a catz competition, but they are mostly just for a companion. Everything else is the same for our catz as our dogz.